Scott Mortimore

My office is at the top of the stairs, last door on the left, the one with the heart crayoned onto it, courtesy of my daughter. Inevitably, I fumble with my keys when I get there. I’ve been creating brands and telling stories for a while now and yet I still can’t get through that door fast enough.

I like this business. I like the thinking, doing, making, crafting, laughing, listening, questioning, arguing and inquiring that comes with it. Even the long hours are more a badge than a burden.

As for the “official stuff,” I’m a journalism graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno, donate way too much time to causes that are oh-so-right, won a lifetime achievement award at a ridiculously young age, and have been honored at the New York Festivals, the International Broadcasting Awards, the ADDY Awards, AIGA, Communication Arts’ “Award of Excellence,” and Print magazine’s “Certificate of Excellence.” More importantly, my 10-year-old girls softball team won “Sportsmanship of The Year.” I love that one.

There are books I love, movies I like, songs I mangle, trails I hike, rivers I raft and a lot of other “unofficial stuff” that stuff’s best discussed over coffee, preferably at the office at the top of the stairs, last door on the left. I always leave it open.